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Innovative solutions for managing personal data, identity, security & authentication.

Pipistrel specialises in devising, developing and advising on advanced products and solutions that solve problems experienced by consumers, financial institutions and many other service providers, such as ISPs, broadcasters and telecom operators. These problems include credit-card and banking fraud, identity theft, mobile telephone theft and network security.

Much of our work capitalises on our team's extensive skills and experience of working with smartcard technologies, as well as mobile telephony, internet security and cryptographic authentication. Pipistrel has been involved in these technologies since their early development, and has helped customers devise, create, test, launch, market and enhance many products in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer channels. By recognising market needs at an early stage, Pipistrel has often also developed its own products and solutions and has brought them to market in various ways.

Our award-winning PC-based GSM phonebook/SIM management software, PhoneFile PRO is no longer available for sale. For technical support on this product, please visit the FAQ or the downloads page .

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