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GENERAL: How does PhoneFile PRO work?

PhoneFile PRO works by communicating directly with your SIM card, using a device called a smartcard reader, or SIM reader. This device attaches to your PC much like the card readers used for accessing digital camera memory cards, although the SIM card will not appear as a memory device on your computer as it needs special software such as PhoneFile PRO to access it. If you have a small-sized SIM card and wish to access it using a full-sized smartcard reader, then a special adapter card is provided.

Once you have 'opened' the SIM card, PhoneFile PRO reads the contents of the cardís phonebook. The stored names and numbers are displayed on your PC screen, and, whenever you make any changes, the revised entries are saved back to the SIM card automatically. You can also save, print, exchange and manage your contact details in many other ways.

Other software functions provide access to stored SMS text messages, PIN security, and fixed-dial functionality, depending on the SIM card's capabilities.

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