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GENERAL: Can I transfer contacts from a database?

If you use an off-the-shelf contacts database package such as ACT! or Outlook, this software will usually have an option to save (or "export") your data in different file formats. PhoneFile PRO uses "CSV" text files ("Comma Separated Variable" - sometimes known as "Comma Delimited") and most database systems are able to export data in this format.

You need not worry if the file holds lots of information fields (such as postal addresses) since PhoneFile PRO will ask you which ones you’d like to import. You are allowed to import two sets of name and number fields simultaneously from each record and PhoneFile PRO will store each set as a separate entry (this allows you to easily store a land-line and a mobile number for each contact.) Finally with a single click of a button the new phone number dataset can be saved as a file, or copied onto your SIM card.

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