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GENERAL: Can I 'Internationalise' my numbers?

PhoneFile PRO has the ability to automatically prefix all of your stored phone numbers with an international code. This is very useful if you travel overseas and want to use your phone to call all the stored numbers in your home country. Typically, these numbers will be stored in 'local' format (eg starting with a '0') and therefore will not work when you are travelling abroad.

When you select the Internationalise function for the first time, PhoneFile PRO checks your SIM card's unique SIM number. Within that number is stored a country code for the network operator that you use. So for instance, if you purchased your GSM phone in France then two of the digits in the SIM number will be "33".

If PhoneFile PRO finds a legitimate code which it recognises then it will suggest it to prefix all of the non-international numbers stored in your SIM card. When the numbers are modified they will start with a "+" followed by the country code digits (the plus sign is the GSM equivalent of "00".) It always suggests this to you first, so you can change it if required. It also stores the number for subsequent uses - this means that, if you offer to update a friend's card, and they bought their card in a different country, you will have to manually enter the correct code, and remember to enter your own code again next time you use the function.

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