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SPECIAL ED: How can I recover deleted messages?

When an SMS text message that is stored in the SIM is deleted by your phone, the phone often simply marks the entry as ‘empty’ but does not wipe the actual contents of the message. Therefore, using software such as PhoneFile PRO Special Edition, it is possible to recover and view these deleted messages, along with the original time and date and sender information.

SMS text messages that are sent to GSM mobile phones are typically saved in a dedicated text message storage area on the mobile’s SIM card, although in some cases additional messages are stored in the phone’s internal memory. PhoneFile PRO special edition enables you to find out the size of the SIM card’s message storage area, although it cannot help to recover messages stored anywhere other than on the SIM card itself.

The space used by deleted messages may also be re-used by a phone to store another incoming message, so it is important to try to recover your messages as soon after deletion as possible.

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