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PhoneFile PRO Please note, PhoneFile PRO was retired in 2012 and is no longer available for sale. You can get a fine alternative at SmartCard Focus.

PhoneFile PRO provided a convenient and universal way to access and manage the contacts database stored in your GSM mobile phone SIM. You could edit names and numbers, add new ones, reorganise using drag and drop, automatically convert to international format and save, print or exchange your contacts data with other popular software packages.

Advanced features included management of fixed-dial phonebooks, SMS message editing and control of the SIM card's security features. A special edition was also available that provided the ability to recover deleted SMS text messages stored in the SIM.

PhoneFile PRO could read all types of GSM SIM cards, and worked with all GSM networks, as well as SIM cards that are no longer live on a network. The SIM card was accessed using either a smartcard reader or a SIM reader, which was typically attached to a PC via the USB port.

PhoneFile PRO regularly received rave reviews, including top spot in a "What Mobile" article comparing nine competing products and as one of the "Top five gadgets for travellers" on CNN.

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