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  PhoneFile PRO Special Edition  

A special edition of PhoneFile PRO enabled you to recover SMS text messages from your SIM card that had been previously marked as deleted. PhoneFile PRO could also permanently wipe SMS text messages on the SIM, so as to make them irrecoverable.

PhoneFile PRO Special Edition:
  • Could recover accidentally deleted text messages
  • Could reveal and print deliberately deleted messages
  • Showed original date and time of deleted messages
  • Displayed sender's phone number for deleted messages, if known
  • Protected against future access by permanently wiping selected messages
  • Could also display stored list of last-dialled numbers
PhoneFile PRO was used by various law enforcement agencies and other forensic investigation teams in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and was also a highly successful tool used by consumers and companies across the world for managing SIM phonebook contents.

Please note, PhoneFile PRO was retired in 2012 and is no longer available for sale. You can get a fine alternative at SmartCard Focus.

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